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Moriah Banks

Founder of Official Para Connect

"If you’re looking for a graphic designer that not only listens to your design ideas, but offers optional suggestions and improvements that WILL enhance your designs beyond your wildest imagination— then look no further! My business has utilized KTolliver Graphic Design’s services for 4+ years now… and my clientele’s reaction to her designs and intricate detail speaks for itself! In other words, her work stands out amongst the crowd. In these 4+ years, my designs that feature her graphics have been sold both nationally and internationally. They’ve been worn on college campuses, in conferences, on military bases by those serving our country and executive board meetings by C-Suite members of large corporations. I say this to say, her graphics catch the eye of those striving for their goals as well as those leading the way for large segments of the population. If you’re looking for a graphic designer that truly knows their stuff, LOVES their craft, is meticulous throughout the entire design process and doesn’t finish the job until you’re 100% satisfied— then contact KTolliver Design."
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